The Fold

Contents of Reid Perrault's notebook

XXXX XXXX, Works as a city planner, disappeared summer 2013, may have attended Bancroft United Methodist Church

Jessie Duncan, school teacher, husband of XXXX Duncan, teacher of Jimmy Sanchez, disappeared summer 2013, may have attended Bancroft United Methodist Church
Jimmy Sanchez, youth, nerd, cat owner, disappeared summer 2013, may have attended Bancroft United Methodist Church, probably knew both Jessie Duncan and Susan Foreman

Hank Banton, mechanic at Syverson's Trucking Company, disappeared summer 2013, rumored to have a substance abuse problem, may have attended Bancroft United Methodist Church

Susan Foreman, office worker at Wilkinson Plumbing Wholesalers, cat owner, disappeared summer 2013, member of the Bancroft family, was researching Bancroft Lumber Mill, attended Bancroft United Methodist Church

XXXX Townsend, Sheriff of Bancroft, IN, cat owner

XXXX Buckley, Special Investigator from Indiana State Police, previous resident of Bancroft, now lives in Indianapolis
Frank “Two Phones” Thompson, Deputy with Bancroft Sheriff's Department, previously owner of two cell phones

Casey McCanis (sp?), Owner of  LOCAL GROCERY STORE, inaccurate stock pricer

Mona Carmichael, girlfriend of Hank Banton, attended Bancroft United Methodist Church
XXXX “Rooster” Sanchez: Jimmy Sanchez' father, owner of Rooster's Gas Station, cat owner, may have attended Bancroft United Methodist Church
XXXX XXXX, librarian, had some knowledge of 1983 disappearances


Carl Giles:  Pastor at Bancroft United Methodist Church, cat owner
Means:  As Pastor, would have had access to church at all times
Motive:  Was furtive about his knowledge of parishioners, big fat liar
Opportunity:  See means

XXXX Hurst:  Organist as Bancroft United Methodist Church, cat owner
Means:  As organist, might have had some access to much of the church
Motive:  Really mean
Opportunity:  See above

Johnathan Bancroft: Patriarch of Bancroft family
Means:  Rich guy
Motive:  Rich guy
Opportunity:  Rich guy

XXXX Duncan: Husband of Jessie Duncan, labor organizer attemptant at Bancroft Lumber Mill
David Stevenson: Foreman at Bancroft Lumber Mill, disappeared summer 1983

Jacob Stevenson: Son of David Stevenson, disappeared summer 1983


Found behind photo on Susan Foreman's desk at Wilkenson Plumbing:
        “Jimmy, 555-1234”

    Found under keyboard on Susan Foreman's desk at Wilkenson Plumbing:

        Grocery list: 
            salad dressing
            Casey McCanis 2:00 PM

        List of cat names:
            Password: hufflepuffforlife

    Incriminating documents regarding the Bancroft family illicitly funding the Bancroft United     Methodist Church by laundering the money through the Bancroft Lumber Mill

    Large flesh pile (with sort of face), assortment of bones unnaturally fused together, found in the  sacristy of the Bancroft United Methodist Church

I've Been Deputized
  • Time for the barbeque that Susan and I were planning. After I rented the truck and all the BBQ gear I was expecting to finally get somewhere with her but she was a no show. Again! I know she likes me with the way she flirts with me and all those outfits she wears around the office, it just always turns out that she has to cancel at the last minute or something.  Oh, well still going to dig in on some grub. 


  • Whoa!! So the cops are going haywire looking for these missing folks. I guess the number is up to four now. Anyway they're in such a bad way that the Sheriff himself begged me to help out as a deputy. Makes sense. People are finally starting to see my value in this town. These guys really needed the help too. They thought that Susan was one of the missing people. I told them that she was just coming in from a few towns away, which is why we didn't come to the park together, so she probably just got held up. I swear, that girl can't keep a date to save her life. 


  • In order to put the cops minds at ease we went ahead and searched Susan's stuff back at Wilkinson and it turns out she knows the Bancrofts. You know, like those Bancrofts. The richest family in town. Which is cool. Now I can go ahead and let her pay when we finally go on that date. Anyway, we got real lucky and apparently Susan actually knew one of the real missing people, that Sanchez kid. She's got his number and everything so we're going over to the comic shop to follow up on a lead. Oh yeah, the Sheriff could tell I knew what I was doing so he partnered me with a junior deputy. His name is Reid. He's this Mexican guy who's helping me with the case. Reid's buddy is missing too, so you know he's invested. You can tell he really looks up to me so I'm trying to set him on the right path. 


  • Kids have no respect these days. Jimmy Sanchez's little brat friends were just making up stories about dumb stuff then threw a can of pop at me. They took off but I figure I'll solve this whole case first then focus on teach those punks a lesson. They did say one thing that Davey, the comic store owner, confirmed. Apparently people up and vanished like this before about 30 years ago. Reid and I headed to the library to see if we can't figure out a connection. 


  • Your tax dollars at work ladies and germs. The library's new research computer system was broken so we had to help the librarian fix it and then we finally got some good leads. Seems like the old Methodist Church AND the Bancrofts were mixed up in the missing folk from the 80s. Reid and I are on the way to the church now. Time for some answers.


  • He lied to us! A preacher lied to us! Well I guess he's actually a Reverend which goes to show you how far you can trust those people. Plus he's from Atlanta so you could've guessed. Thing is we might not have figured him out if it weren't for that crazy old organ playing lady letting slip that all of the of the missing folk did in fact go to service here. Susan did too. What a coincidence! We're definitely coming back here to investigate once that Rev. goes home for the night, but first, off to stake out that reunion party that John Bancroft is having for a bunch of big wigs down at their fancy mansion. STAKEOUT!


  • Reid is a good dude but dang is he clumsy. We were staking the place out real nice but that gets boring quick so I lead us on a stealth mission but wouldn't you know, Reid gets us spotted first thing. Thankfully those guards were no match for my ninja skills and night raid gear. Pepper Spray for the win! Still, I thought we should maneuver into a tactical retreat. I managed to snag one of their guns but I guess the combo of that firepower and my moves jangled Reid's nerves so he thought I should get rid of it. I did cause you know, no I in team. Now we're going to crack this sucker open. Back to the church! 


  • This is the worst day of my life. What the heck happened in there? This is really messed up, and dangerous. I mean that wasn't even a body, it was just a dead pile. A dead pile with a snake in it! That investigator guy says Bancroft was the guy he pinned all those disap…murders on 30 years back but he couldn't get the job done. Now it's up to us. Well I've seen Supernatural, so I know the score. Still, Reid thinks we should check out the last missing persons hangout to get some extra clues. I guess he just needs time to come to terms with what we gotta do. Ugh, it's a Gay Bar?



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