Reid Perrault

Ex-smuggler trying to live a clean life as a trucker.


Of average height, Reid Perrault has the frame of an athlete gone to seed, a bit chubbier around the face and belly then it feels like there should be. He wears utilitarian working or farming clothing, clean, although faded and not always well maintained. His hair, is now long and loose, but tidy. He will shave it every couple of years or so, and let it grow out anew.

Reid works as a truck driver for the Syverson Trucking Company, and carries both Canadian and American citizenship. Ma Syverson and Pa Syverson (nicknames Reid himself is hesitant to use) see him as something of a surrogate son since his arrival at the company four years ago. Reid appreciates the home the Syversons have helped him find, but feels uncomfortable being so indebted to them.

Born into poverty on a Ojibwe reservation in Western Ontario, Reid had a troubled and difficult youth, eventually falling in with gangs and organized crime while in his teens. He later made his way into what authorities refer to as the Manitoba Cree Gang, a gang of smugglers and drug traffickers along the U.S. Canadian border.

Working first as a driver and pilot, Reid made his way up the gang, becoming a trusted lieutenant to Ned Richards, who, along with Ned’s brother Payer, lead the gang. However, by the end of the winter of 2008/2009, the gang had all but collapsed. First decimated by internal strife, and then largely finished off by encroaching biker gangs from North Dakota and Minnesota.

Reid survived his gang’s collapse largely unscathed, but feeling vulnerable to further retaliation, and guilt and disgust at himself and the way he had lived, Reid abandoned his old life, and using the only marketable skill he learned from that time, began his life as a truck driver.

He now enjoys his relatively peaceful, although poor life, but still feels unnerved what he saw and did, during that winter, especially. Reid’s greatest pleasure these days are the mystery novel books-on-tape he borrows from Ma Syverson.


Blood in the Snow Part 1

Reid Perrault

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