Thaddeus "Pop" Bonneville

A god fearing bull of a man


Thaddeus is a middle age portly man of great stature, and is often compared visually to a bull. He is often seen wearing a white linen suit. A thick brow above deep set eyes give him a more serious look than is actually the case. He speaks with a thick southern accent that is filled with formality and drawn out.


In 1959 Thaddeus was born in Hackberry located in Cameron Parish, LA. A small town at the time with a population of around one thousand. He was born to Laurent Ambrose Bonneville (Father) and Mary Elizabeth Johnson-Bonneville. He did not come from a particularly wealthy family. His father was a preacher at the local church The First Baptist Church of Hackberry.The church and the power his father had was the only thing that kept them from abject poverty. No matter how poorly the town was doing there was always food on the Bonneville’s table. They never knew want as it would have been unacceptable for the preacher to need anything when he was saving the souls of his neighbor.

When Thaddeus was in his teenage years a hurricane ravaged the town and left many of the residents without work while they rebuilt their lives. It was bad enough that it even impacted his family’s life. The donations were lesser but his father still put aside the church’s share of the all money given. He wanted to go to a summer sleepaway camp with one of his friends, but his father told him he could not. One night he snuck into the church and took money out of the safe that held the church funds. He knew the combonation. It was his birthday.

Thaddeus "Pop" Bonneville

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