Arthur "Art" Yeager

Failing Motel Owner


This is still very much a work in progress! I just wanted to start fleshing out the character a bit!

Arthur Yeager was born in Brownsburg, Indiana, to a school nurse and the owner of a local hardware store. Art had three older sisters. All four of them were above average in school, though nothing to get full of themselves over. He named his dog Bombadil and earned a few trophies for participating in youth league ice hockey. But Art had always vaguely known there was more to life. Some vast universe just outside his limited perception, and perhaps an even vaster one inside. Or at least he had always hoped that was true. His friends, family and teachers thought him an aimless daydreamer, obsessed with books about magic and fantasy. Art yearned for a more interesting life but felt that his plans were on rails that had been built long before his birth. He would go to college, study business, and get a job at his dads hardware store, eventually working his way up to taking it over. This was the life his family had wanted for him, this is was the life that had been planned for him.

But things changed when an aunt living in Bancroft passed away, strangely enough an aunt that neither of his parents had never mentioned to Art or his sisters. The women turned out to be a sister of his mother’s, Marge Gunderson. She was estranged from the family, for reasons that no one seemed to want to explain. Marge has been living in Bancroft, IN for the last 25 or so years running a small run down motel, The Westwind Lounge, and for no clear reason Marge left that motel to Art. After her passing no one from Art’s family attended her funeral, and even if they had, it was only ceremonial, there was an empty casket and almost no one attended. But when Art got the news that he had been left the motel he immediately decided to jump on the opportunity to change the course of his life. His parents and sisters begged him to reconsider, but the day after his high school graduation he drove his Oldsmobile Delta 88 to Bancroft with plans to get the motel running again. He had gotten in to Perdue and his family thought for sure he had given up on the idea of running the motel. They were hurt, confused, and mad, when they found the note that morning.

Time moved slowly in Bancroft, or at least it did at first. Art reopened the motel and business trickled in, not a lot, but enough to keep the lights on.. He would get the occasional call from his parents or sisters asking for him to come home but otherwise spent his days reading fiction at the front desk. As the days turned into weeks Art began to grow more curious about who his Aunt was, how she came to be here in Bancroft, and what happened to her. He had been told that she died, but not much else, and when he arrived at the motel their was surprising little of her presence that remained. The motel had a small detached “cottage” that had clearly been where his aunt lived, and where he resided now, but few of her possessions where there and if his mom hadn’t come and cleaned the place out he couldn’t imagine who would have.

Stays psychically active, plays rec. league hockey, takes up writing, gets published.

One critic described his writing as reading like “a strange collaboration between Steven King and Chuck Palahniuk, containing both the best and worst of each author.”

Its been thirty years, Art is still trying to run the motel, still driving the same Delta 88, and hasn’t spoke to anyone in his family in about 25 years, around the time that they gave up on him.

Real Name:
Jerry Arthur Yeager Jr. (goes by Arthur, and preferably Art)
Jean Gunderson Yeager
Jerry Arthur Yeager
Carla Jean Yeager (married to Audrey Archer Taylor)
Penny Yeager McGill (married to Ulysses Everett McGill)
Katie Yeager Cox (married to Osbourne Joel Cox)
Born 1969
Graduate High School 1987 (18 years old)

Compassion or forgiveness shown toward someone whom it is within one’s power to punish or harm. Once per story, your character regains all spent Willpower points whenever he forgives, or possibly even helps, someone who personally wronged him or has committed a known wrong This must be a situation where the character could take vengeance or extract compensation, but chooses to let the other party off the hook.

A strong desire to know or learn something. Once per scene, your character regain a Willpower point whenever he gives in to his endless sense of curiosity at the expense of others or at some potential risk to himself. (assault, arrest or simple loss of peer respect).

Eye for the Strange (••)
Prerequisite: Resolve ••, Occult •
Effect: While your character does not necessarily possess a breadth of knowledge about the supernatural, she knows the otherworldly when she sees it. By perusing evidence, she can determine whether something comes from natural or supernatural origins. Roll Intelligence + Composure. With a success, the Storyteller must tell you if the scene has a supernatural cause, and provide one piece of found informa-tion that confirms the answer. With an exceptional success, she must give you a bit of supernatural folklore that suggests what type of creature caused the problem. If the problem was mundane, an exceptional success gives an ongoing +2 to all rolls to investigate the event, due to her redoubled certainty in its natural causation.

Fame (• to •••)
Effect: Your character is recognized within a certain sphere, for a certain skill, or because of some past action or stroke of luck. This can mean favors and attention, it can also mean negative attention and scrutiny. When choosing the Merit, define what your character is known for. As a rule of thumb, one dot means local recognition, or reputation within a confined subculture. Two dots means regional recognition by a wide swath of people. Three dots means worldwide recognition to anyone that might have been exposed to the source of the fame. Each dot adds a die to any Social rolls among those who are impressed by your character’s celebrity.
Drawback: Any rolls to find or identify the character enjoy a +1 bonus per dot of the Merit. If the character has Alternate Identity, she can mitigate this drawback. A character with Fame cannot have the Anonymity Merit.

Relentless (•)
Prerequisites: Athletics ••, Stamina •••
Effect: Your character will not stop running, whether away from a pursuer or toward prey. In any chase (see p. 84) your opponents must achieve two additional successes against yours to catch her or elude her.

Fleet of Foot (• to •••)
Prerequisite: Athletics ••
Effect: Your character is remarkably quick, and runs far faster than his frame suggests. He gains +1 Speed per dot, and anyone pursuing him suffers a -1 per dot to any foot chase rolls.

5 Breaking Point Questions
What is the worst thing your character has ever done?
For three years Art allowed a known criminal to check out a room at the Westwind Lounge. He paid good money, much more than the room cost, but also committed terrible atrocities on the premise of the motel grounds. Art doesn’t know everything that happened in that time-frame but he does know he turned a blind eye on more than one occasion to rape, murder, and torture not to mention countless drug deals and at least one occasion of human smuggling. Eventually the man disappeared without explanation, but do this day Art has nightmares about the screams coming from the back of the trailer parked in the motel parking lot and he hates himself for doing nothing.

Inaction in the face of terrible things could definitely be a breaking point for Art.

What is the worst thing your character can imagine himself

Art is often uncomfortable with how easily he could rationalize doing things he knows are wrong, especially in the name of self preservation. If he had to kill someone, or otherwise harm them, to ensure his own survival or safety he wouldn’t hesitate to do so.

What is the worst thing your character can imagine someone
else doing?

Art definitely believes that there are fates much worse than death, so the worse thing someone can do to another human is inflict those. Things like rape, causing a loss of agency on another human, repetitive torture, intentional wrongful imprisonment, etc.

What has your character forgotten?
As a child Art believed he often saw small glowing eyes in the dark spaces of his family home. On many occasions he would tell his sisters or parents but they always thought it was the product of an overactive imagination. He remembers that part of it, he remembers the eyes consistently watching him, he remembers the deep seated fear, but he has forgotten about the man who broke into him home while he was the only one there. The small disfigured fairy like creatures poured out of the darkness and covered the man consuming his flesh and laughing in foreign tongues. He watched as they pulled the skin from his face and gorged on his muscle and sinew, lapping up pools of blood and gnawing on the bones. In the course of three minutes not a trace of the man was left and the beings disappeared back into the shadows. Some part of Art scrubbed the memory from his brain that day, is was too much for him to process, it was too impossible. As far as he can concisely remember, the only thing that happened that summer day was his parents and sisters coming home and him getting grounded for a broken window, that he couldn’t explain.

What is the most traumatic thing that has ever happened
to your character?

A few years after Art took over the Westwind Lounge a man came in one fall evening pointing a gun at Art. Before the door had closed behind him, he shoot Art in the shoulder and the proceeded to take all of the money from the small lock box behind the front desk. Despite the gunshot Art attempted to stop the man, who responded by beating him. To art that beating lasted hours and by then end of it art was left unconscious and bleeding out from the shot in his shoulder. He spent the better part of a week recovering in the hospital.

Arthur "Art" Yeager

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